Member Testimonials

“As a former athlete I struggled to find motivation to workout which leads to weight gain.  I have tried various methods to find inspiration to work out, without much success.  I then came to Powerhouse Gym and worked with trainer Pete.  He not only pushed me to work hard, but motivated me to get to the gym.  Unfortunately, as a New Jersey resident, I am only able to work with Pete when I come home to visit my family.  However, the first thing I do when I get home is contact Pete for personal training.  He has also inspired me to join members and trainers from the gym to do a Rugged Maniac, which a year ago I never would have been able to do.  I credit Pete and Powerhouse Gym for jump starting my weight loss and getting me in shape for my wedding next summer.” –Ashley G

“Following weight loss surgery and a weight loss of 60 lbs in 3 months I needed to do something more to rebuild myself after years of being overweight and repair the muscles damaged by surgery. After searching the area fitness centers I found my way to Powerhouse Gym and met Pete, one of the personal trainers and knew this was the place for me. In 4 months I have become more flexible, stronger and lost another 60 lbs. Pete was able to work with me and create a program the helped me regain my strength and confidence. I owe a good part of my success to Pete and Powerhouse Gym and would recommend before you sign up somewhere else you stop by Powerhouse.” – Larry G.

“I have been training at Powerhouse 3 times a week for over 11 years. I have an outstanding trainer named Graham who manages my physical and mental strategies to accomplish my goals. I’m in my 70′s now and can still bend down and tie my shoes!” – Jeff R.

“I began 9 months ago with 1×1 training and then switched into the boot camp. I am pushed but only as much as I can handle. Pete is very good about watching this. Changing my diet and being pushed with fun and challenging workouts, I have successfully lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol levels by over 50%!! I’m hooked!” – Cindy A.

“I had a goal of losing 25 lbs. I have and am seeing awesome muscle tone that I never imagined I would ever have. We get to use some really cool equipment that is for clients only and it helps keep the workouts fresh and challenging. I always recommend the boot camp and 1×1 training to family and friends. If you continue with the training and make alterations to your diet, you WILL get results!” – Cheryl D.

“I worked out regularly for over 10 years with yo-yo results. It wasn’t until beginning with the boot camp that I began seeing some major changes in how my clothes fit and how I began to look and feel. Down over 20 lbs in the first 2 months and I can say this training really works!” – Martine M.