Giants Players Bending With Yoga

Posted on Feb 12 2012 by Peter Thody

Last Sunday before the Super Bowl, I read an article in the NY Post by Jennifer Gould Keil about the NY Giants using yoga as part of their stretching program. Reasons for the yoga include balance, strength, flexibility, mental toughness and focus.

Here are what some of the player’s favorite poses are:

Antrel Rolle
Facedown Shoulder Opener: “This pose opens the chest, the front of the deltoids (shoulders) and stretches the biceps,” Lawrence says. “Stretching the shoulders is important for a lot of the players, and this poses works on all the muscles that surround the joint, which will strengthen the joint.”

Ahmad Bradshaw
Plank pose with wrists turned: Plank pose requires players to point their fingers down to 6 o’clock instead of the usual 12 o’clock to open up the wrists. “This is essential for core strength, and it’s great to help wrists absorb shock, which is important not only for linemen who are pushing, but also for a receiver who’s going to fall hard on his wrists,” she said.

Victor Cruz
Hero pose with toes tucked under: “Tuck your toes under in heroes pose to stretch the Achilles tendon, calf, and foot,” she said. “This will help build supple, flexible ankles and help prevent foot pain.”

Hakeem Nicks
Frog pose: “This poses stretches the groin and inner thighs,” Lawrence said. “When I do it with the Giants, it’s a 5-to-10 minute pose. It’s important to remember that your flexibility won’t improve unless you push yourself.”

Eli Manning
Pigeon pose: The classic hip-opening pose, pigeon pose is a valuable stretch for any exerciser. “Studies show that the more open and flexible the hips are, the less stress you put on the body’s weakest joint — the knee,” Lawrence said.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? Ask at the front desk for the times and the style of yoga each of our classes have to offer.