Whining About Wine

Posted on Jul 23 2012 by Peter Thody

Difference in thinking less fat will make all the difference in one’s appearance is not less fat at all but cutting down on empty calories. Specifically calories from alcohol.

Not a week goes by without someone asking about their diet. It almost always comes down to ‘I eat good, but…’. After some digging it will almost always come down to how many drinks someone has each night or week.

If you’re trying to get inspired to lose fat, your nutrition is everything. I don’t mess around with “nutrition is 70%, etc” any more. If you’re trying to significantly change your body and you are doing some sort of exercise, nutrition is about 100%. It’s really that important.

In my work with men and women, I’ve noticed some trends. Men tend to blow it nutrition-wise in the evening by overeating alternating between salty then sweet snacks and beer. They nearly starve themselves so they will be extra hungry when they get home. Women who have graduated from college tend to go a little overboard on daily glasses of wine. Those that are still in college drink anything they get their hands on. This isn’t the way with everyone, just most.

I’ve had quite a bit of success with clients who understand these truths. The others are looking for positive reinforcement for bad behavior and continue living in denial.
I suggest eating between 5-6 small meals each day eating more protein throughout each day and consuming more fresh veggies (french fries are not a vegetable), fruits and some nuts.

For men, I suggest they eat a balanced snack, relatively high in protein about 2-3 hours before dinner. A protein shake, or boiled eggs (2 or 3 whole eggs). This way, they don’t come home, munch on snacks, overeat at dinner, and then get false “hunger” late at night due to the huge swing in blood sugar from their binge. And yes, try not to guzzle a 6-pack each night.

For women, still eating a balanced snack but also sticking to a 5oz glass of wine (and not every night!) or less (this is the amount you here about in regards to health benefits). If you’re really serious, cut out wine on week nights. You’ll be amazed. Buy smaller glasses so you think you’re drinking more. Also, drink better wine! Don’t get a bottle under $20. More expensive wine has a more complex taste, so taste, don’t gulp!

With better wine, you’ll drink it slower and appreciate it more. Switch to reds. Reds goes down slower than whites because they aren’t as sweet. Your weekly wine consumption and expenditure will actually decrease with better wine!

This will not stop all as they will continue to deny they drink too much. Some claim by switching to harder liquors circumvents this advice but that is a blog for another day.

For other advice on diet and exercise, you can find me somewhere at Powerhouse most days. Hope this made you think, even if it is while munching on a slice of cheese with a glass of wine in hand.