Mid-Year Update

Posted on Jul 23 2012 by Ann Leblond

For starters, we added 2 new trainers. Dawn Plante and Rob Diaz. Rob is a Marine and Dawn just completed her first Tough Mudder race.

This gives us a competitive bodybuilder, a Marine, an Exercise Science professor, a Tough Mudder, 2 that have run the Rugged Maniac race, 4 with a NASM certification and all who attend continuing education seminars.

Shortly, we will begin sign-ups for the Rugged Maniac race in September and gear one of our small group training classes towards getting ready to participate.

Next we will begin a Marine style Bootcamp that will be a butt kicking event! We will begin demo’s in the near future so stay tuned.

Oh, and what about this! Have you asked about our $19.95 membership specials? Don’t miss out!

This is just some of what is going on here at The Powerhouse gym. If you’re not a member and live in the area, stop by and try us out with a week pass. You won’t be disappointed!