Our Facilities

The Powerhouse Gym is proud to offer a state-of-the-art facility providing a wide range of programs and activities in an affordable family environment. Along with the equipment and classes you would expect, Powerhouse gives its members an expert staff of enthusiastic professionals committed to the well being of their clients, making it the number one fitness facility supporting all ages and levels of ability.

Our facilities our second to none. We take great pleasure in our open and airy space with incredibly high ceilings and superior air-flow. We have a strict schedule for air filtration maintenance in which we constantly change fresh air filters so that any air-born impurities¬†in The Powerhouse Gym are kept to an absolute minimum.¬†Our fastidious cleaning crew compliments the look and feel of the complex by continually reviewing and disinfecting the entire interior of Powerhouse. We’re also extremely attentive to making certain that all of our high-end equipment is in perfect working order. Cybex, Life Fitness and Star-trac are a few of the companies with which we do business. Please come in and compare The Powerhouse Gym to any of the competition.